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Women’s World Cup Predictions 2023

It seems obvious to say that Team USA women will storm to victory in the Women’s World Cup tournament, especially with four previous trophies under their belts and the honour of being number one in the world rankings.

However, football is full of surprises, and there’s a big chance that another team could win. If you’re looking for where to place your bets in this competition, look no further. Let’s investigate the Women’s World Cup predictions for the group stage and beyond and evaluate the teams’ odds.

Could New Zealand perhaps take a shock win? Let’s find out.

Which Teams Have Qualified for the Women’s World Cup?

For the first time, the Women’s World Cup will feature 32 teams competing in the group stage. Two are still yet to qualify, with playoff matches taking place at the end of February.

For now, the group standings seem pretty straightforward. Defending champions, the USA, are in Group E with Vietnam, the Netherlands, and one of the playoff winners. It’s possible that number one in the world rankings could go undefeated at this stage.

Meanwhile, New Zealand sits in Group A with Norway, the Philippines, and Switzerland. Although some of these matches could be a battle, there’s a good chance that New Zealand could scrape through.

Things look less rosy for Australia in Group B, who face the Republic of Ireland, Nigeria, and Canada. Coming up against Christine Sinclair, named Female Player of the Year in Canada 14 times, will be no easy feat.

In terms of Women’s World Cup predictions, it’s best to take the easy bets heading into the knockout stages. Football is no stranger to shock upsets in the early stages of the competition, so it might be a good idea to set your sights on champions like the USA.

After all, Team USA has won the tournament four times previously. Germany has also won twice and currently sits second in the world rankings.

Women’s World Cup Predictions

Women’s World Cup Quarter Finals Predictions

It’s impossible to say who will storm through the quarter-finals in the knockout stages, especially since we don’t yet know who will get through the group stage.

One thing to note is that Canada will really be gunning for it. They have never placed higher than fourth on the Cup stage, but this is Christine Sinclair’s swan song. Although she won a gold medal in Tokyo, she will likely want to end her career with a Cup trophy to put the icing on the cake.

Canada is 6th in the world rankings, so it’s quite possible that they could sail through to the semis at least. England is another strong contender in the competition. Sarina Wiegman has done a great job coaching the Lionesses to victory in the most recent women’s Euros, and the team looks strong going into the tournament.

However, they face China in the group stages, and the Steel Roses do pose a threat. It might be risky to place any bets on the quarter-finals just yet.

Women’s World Cup Semi-Finals Predictions

Again, it’s difficult to predict the semis without knowing the outcome of the group stage. However, some Women’s Cup predictions seem relatively safe nonetheless.

Brazil, for example, could coast through the group stages. They come up against France, who reached the final of the last Women’s Cup, and yet les bleues have seemed to lose some steam more recently.

Four teams will play in the semi-finals. Currently, the world rankings have the top four teams as follows: the USA, Germany, Sweden, and England. This is not to say these teams will definitely match these odds, but they do have the highest chance.

Women’s World Cup Final Predictions

Almost every bookmaker has odds on the USA winning. If you check media outlets in various countries, everybody backs their own team. English media have the Lionesses tipped to win, Canadian SportsNet assumes Team Canada will take the victory on the back of their Olympic gold, and ESPN predicts yet another victory for Team USA.

It’s impossible to say who will advance through the group and knockout stages, let alone who will win the World Cup final. Most Women’s World Cup predictions see the USA as the safest bet, though, so it could be worth putting your bets on the USA outright.

Different Types of Football Odds and Types of Bets

There are several ways you can bet on the Cup. An outright bet means you put money on the team most likely to win the whole competition, and most Women’s World Cup predictions have assumed that Team USA is the safest choice.

However, you might also want to place a few other bets on the tournament. For example, you can take out an each-way bet on finishing places for either the whole competition or just the group stage. Or, take your chances with an accumulator to see how accurate all your real-time predictions are.

If this is your first time betting on women’s football, you might have some questions about the odds. Most bookmakers use the fractional system. For example, many have the USA’s odds at 3/1, which means for every $1 you bet, you get $3 in return if you win. You may also see decimals, with 3.00 meaning the same thing.

Before you place a bet on the Women’s Cup, make sure you do thorough research. Look into the sites you’re betting with to see if they are safe, certified, and have competitive odds. Then, do diligent research on the outcomes to see if you are placing a smart bet.

Currently, Vietnam is ranked last in the tournament (and 34th in the world rankings), with odds including 500/1. This is a very unlikely outcome. That said, if you sign up for a new site, you might receive some free bets that you can use on these very unlikely predictions. Make sure you bet responsibly.

Conclusion: Women’s World Cup Predictions

With the tournament still months away and matches still to be played in the meantime, it’s difficult to make any concrete Women’s World Cup predictions. Things could change drastically, particularly in the games at the end of February, which includes playoffs and friendlies.

It’s undeniable that the USA has the greatest odds at this competition as defending champions. After all, they went through a 71-game undefeated streak that only came to an end in November last year when Germany beat them. It’s tough to win against the USA, and they’ll likely cement their dominance again.

If you want to bet on the Women’s Cup, make sure you do thorough research, keep an eye on the world standings, and bet responsibly.


⚽ Who is most likely to win the Women’s World Cup?

Currently, Team USA is the forerunner in most Women’s World Cup predictions. Several bookmakers have “The Gals” at odds of 3/1 to win the tournament outright. Other contenders include England, Germany, and Canada.

⚽ Who is holding the Women’s World Cup?

Australia and New Zealand host the 2023 Women’s Cup. It’s the first ever co-hosted Women’s Cup, taking place across ten stadiums in July and August. Despite hosting and gaining an automatic qualification, Australia and New Zealand are not tipped to win in most bookmakers’ Women’s World Cup predictions.

⚽ When will the next Women’s World Cup take place?

The 2023 Women’s World Cup kicks off on the 20th of July, 2023, with both host nations playing matches on that day. The Round of 16 and knockout stages then start on the 5th of August, leading up to the final on the 20th of August.

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