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Women’s World Cup 2023: France coach Hervé Renard challenges FIFA president Gianni Infantino over TV rights

As the countdown to the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand continues, the unresolved broadcasting rights for the tournament in several countries, including France, are causing growing apprehension.

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As the start of the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand approaches, an ongoing issue has emerged regarding the broadcasting rights for the tournament. Several countries, including France, have yet to secure agreements with broadcasters, leading to frustration among officials and fans. Hervé Renard, the coach of the French women’s national team, has weighed in on the matter, challenging FIFA President Gianni Infantino‘s recent comments and expressing his hopes for a timely resolution.

Negotiations still continue with three months until kick-off

With less than three months remaining until the kick-off, negotiations for broadcasting the Women’s World Cup have encountered obstacles in multiple major European countries. In France, the absence of a financial agreement has left fans uncertain about how they will be able to follow the tournament. Infantino criticised the “very disappointing” and “unacceptable” offers put forth by major European countries, but Renard believes the issue lies with FIFA‘s demanding rights requirements.

Renard responded to Infantino’s remarks during an interview with BeIN Sports, where he emphasized that the problem lies with FIFA’s approach rather than the broadcasters. He pointed out that while a consensus is yet to be reached, he remains confident that a resolution will be found. Renard described the current situation as a “cat-and-mouse game” and stressed the importance of ensuring that the Women’s World Cup is broadcasted in France, highlighting his belief that the tournament deserves proper coverage.

“We need to put this comment into context. It is not a problem of the broadcasters, it is a problem of FIFA, which is demanding too much in terms of rights,” said the coach of Les Bleues on BeIN Sports. “But I am sure that a consensus will be reached. It’s a bit of a cat and mouse game for now. I hope that everyone will make an effort because it is absolutely necessary for this World Cup to be broadcast in France. I am convinced that it will be. Now, can we aim as high today for women’s football? I don’t have the answer. I am not involved in marketing or the FIFA and Federation bodies to decide on that aspect.”

What are broadcasters worried about?

The late timing of the tournament, scheduled for the end of summer rather than June, and the time zone differences pose challenges for broadcasters. Matches will be aired during the night for European viewers due to the eight to ten-hour time difference with Australia and New Zealand. Renard dismisses this argument, stating that true football enthusiasts will wake up and watch regardless of the time, emphasizing the passion and dedication of millions of fans worldwide. In New Zealand, all 64 matches will be available on Sky Sport NZ.

As the French women’s national team prepares for the upcoming Women’s World Cup, anticipation is high. France will face Jamaica, Brazil, and Panama in the group stage, with matches scheduled at noon local time. Renard and fans hope for a timely resolution to the broadcasting situation so that the tournament can be enjoyed by football enthusiasts in France. The final, set to take place on August 20th at the Stadium Australia in Sydney, promises to be an exciting climax to the tournament.

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