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Toronto Star Owners Set to Unveil NorthStar Bets

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The Canadian province of Ontario has some of the best sports betting sites in the world. Big American brands like DraftKings, BetMGM, etc., have had a dominant presence in the market. But the time has come for a homegrown brand, it seems.

A new sports betting brand called NorthStar Bets is about to enter the Canadian market, starting with Ontario (read our NorthStar Bets review to learn more). And it is backed by none other than NordStar Capital, the company behind the Toronto Star newspaper.

The timing for this is just great, not least because Ontario will further liberalize its gambling policies from April 4, 2022. That is the opportunity the Toronto Star media empire is seeking to cash in on.

The Union of Sports Media and Betting

As one of the most circulated newspapers in Canada, Toronto Star has a large audience, many of whom are sports and sports betting fanatics. In addition to being the most circulated, the Toronto Star is also among the oldest media publications in Canada.

It has been in continuous publication since 1892. Since then, the newspaper has been an industry leader in sports coverage.

Their coverage of the National Hockey League, particularly the local Toronto Maple Leaf team, is legendary. And they are also known to cover the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays with equal zest.

As a result of their Toronto Star partnership, NorthStar Bets will enter the market on the back of a solid media reputation. That will pave the way for the new sportsbook in what is one of the most crowded markets.

Moreover, the sportsbook venture will, in turn, lead to an explosion of interest in the paper sporting pages.Β 

If integrated well, both arms of the business can complement each other beautifully. The newspaper can arm punters with the latest news and betting tips. And punters can use that to place bets at NorthStar Bets. That way, both businesses can help each other flourish.

Gambling Partnerships

But NorthStar Bets is not merely looking to its partnership with a leading daily to push it forwards. It’s building bridges across established software providers in the gambling industry to become the best sportsbook in Canada (see the list of best betting sites in Ontario).

They have officially announced the first and most notable of such partnerships. The sportsbook is partnering with Playtech, one of the most notable software providers in gambling. This will ensure that NorthStar bets have the technical infrastructure to provide a comprehensive gambling experience.

The Playtech partnership will also ensure the site is seamless and on par with global standards. Furthermore, this tie-up will enable the brand to operate an online casino as well.

In fact, NorthStar Bets have confirmed that they are very likely to launch casino games using Playtech technology. So, you can also expect slots, live dealer games, table games, etc., at the site.

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