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Toronto FC Beat Forge FC for 8th Voyageurs Cup

Toronto FC Beat Forge FC for 8th Voyageurs Cup

After a two year wait, Toronto FC won the Voyageurs Cup this season, taking down Forge FC 5-4 in penalties. This was a record breaking 8th win for Toronto FC which took place at Tim Hortons Field on Saturday the 4th of June.

Forge FC was the first Canadian Premier League team to take part in the final of a Canadian Championship. They played an impressive game, pushing the pace of play for much of the match and battled with the Major League Soccer club until the bitter end. Regulation time ended with the score tied at 1-1 but Toronto FC was able to eke out the victory in penalties winning 5-4 in sudden death.

Match Summary

The game started with Quentin Westberg in goal for a second consecutive game and Alejandro Pozuelo started his first game since May 8th. There were a couple changes to both lineups as Carlos Salcedo came in for Lukas MacNaughton, and Jonathan Osorio started in place of Ralph Priso.

The first few minutes of the game were controlled by the visitors and Toronto FC were forced to make a substitution in the 12th minute when Osorio came off with an injury. He was replaced by Jayden Nelson. It was only a minute later when the hosts were able to put one into the back of the goal through Deandre Kerr. Kerr was setup by a run down by Luca Petrasso through the left flank, finding an wide open Jiménez. Jiminez was then able to make a touch pass to Kerr who let his right boot do the talking as he sent one past keeper Gabriel Slonina.

It was Toronto FC who had a chance to extend their lead in the 25th minute. A cross into the box was deflected off a defender, which almost led to a own-goal and a number of corner attempts. Forge was able to weather the storm however and come out unscaved.

In the second half, Forge FC was able to score in the 51st minute with a goal from Carlos Terán. The goal came from a pinpointed cross from Shaqri, which found a Terán header to beat Westberg. With a goal a piece, it was game on from this point. 

Forge FC almost took the lead in the 70th minute when Terran Campbell’s breakaway chance was stopped by Westberg. Later, Jordan Perruzza had one of Toronto FC’s best and only chances late in the second half, when his header was saved by Henry in the 80th minute.

The rest of the match was relatively event free until the penalty shoot out which was ultimately won 5-4 as a crucial miss by Forge FC.

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