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Sports Tipsters Forums – How to Beat the Bookie

You might be telling yourself that betting is all about fun, it’s games, and if you make money on it – that’s just a plus. But there might also be a part of you that wants to crack the code, to win, to make a lot of money and buy a motorcycle. It all comes down to what it takes to beat the bookie. Is it even a possibility? 

Why Use Tipster Forums?

Tipster forums and websites are very helpful, and can lead to quick wins and solid advantages. These forums and websites contain information on all different types of leagues, games, sports, and players.

The information is brought to you by members of the forums that bet online and want to share information. It’s a great resource to improve your knowledge on the different kinds of sports, and share tidbits with others who share the same passion as you.

The information on fixtures, events, and sports is great both if you’re planning on getting into another sport, but also if you want to improve your odds with a sport you’re familiar with. Without knowledge it’s difficult to foreshadow odds, but tipster helps you with that.

It’s easy to become blinded by emotions when it comes to betting, either hating the team, or loving one player can eschew your judgment and result in you losing money. Tip forums gives you an impartial view on your favorite team, as well as your rival, keeping your emotions out of the game, but your head in it.

Tipster harbors hidden gems, such as last minute news, hidden injuries, team clashes, transfer rumors, and the like. Insider information can enable you to play high odds, resulting in much larger gains. Instead of having to do all of the hard work yourself, you can share information with others and win big.

Focus on A Few Topics


These types of forums are open to everyone, this means that there’s a lot of information. A downside of using tipster is that it takes a long time to go through all of the information. The continuos flow of posts and comments makes it difficult to keep up with everything, with every sport or game.

Therefore its a good idea to take the time to focus on a few things that interest you, and choose a limited amount of bet systems to use and become an expert at those. It’s easier that way, and your chances of winning will increase significantly.

Beware of Misleading Information

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We all know that the internet is full of unpleasantness, it’s unfortunately unavoidable. Tipster members are unpleasant at times, and you can’t trust all of the information blindly. Some insider information is misleading. Gossip and biased opinions is sometimes disguised as facts, so dont believe everything you read, or see!

Distinguishing good information from bad information sometimes takes time, but to do so at all you must think critically and rely on your personal judgment. Time is money! So dont spend all day on tipster, it can only get you so far, and it will certainly make you angry if you’re on for too long.

Great Forums to Visit

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Forums such as BetNod.com and OLGB.com are great starting tipster points. They are both mainstream forums that cover wide ranges of sports. PuntersLounge.com is another decent option with a free be selection, it’s a great forum if you’re looking for the most valuable free bets offered by online bookmakers.

BetShoot.com offers an interesting section of dropping odds that help you notice possible price drops on bets. Lastly, BtfOdds.com is great if you’re looking for a real time analysis, trends and odds comparison and a tip center based on data analysis.

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18+ | Please play responsibly | Terms and Conditions apply | Commercial Content