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Loot.bet Referral Code Ontario 2023: What Can You Expect?

Loot.bet is one of the most renowned sports betting sites in the world. They already operate in multiple European countries. The good news is that you will soon have access to Loot.bet Canada starting with Loot.bet Ontario.

This article tells you everything about what you can expect from a Loot.bet referral code when the brand launches. You will also find information about Loot.bet bonuses in this Loot.bet review.

πŸ™‹ What Could the Loot.bet Bonus Code Be Like?

The Loot.bet bonus at Loot.bet Canada is likely to be comparable to the bonuses they offer in other markets. For example, the brand currently offers 2 bonuses to their international punters.

The first one is a welcome bonus which is basically a special bonus for newly-registered punters. The Loot.bet international bonus offer a 100% deposit match for up to €100 plus 35 free spins.

As there is a Loot.bet sportsbook and a Loot.bet casino, the welcome package combines both. The deposit bonus may be used for both Loot.bet sportsbook and Loot.bet casino but the free spins can only be used at Loot.bet casino.

You can expect something similar when Loot.bet Ontario launches. But the amount can be a bit higher. That is because €100 is a lot more in Canadian dollars.

Moreover, there may only be a Loot.bet sportsbook initially. That is because the Canadian governments have liberalized the sports betting segment of iGaming but not online casinos.

Therefore, it is likely that Loot.bet Ontario will initially launch operations as a sports betting site. The Loot.bet casino site may launch later given the regulatory environment improves.

🎁 Bonuses Other Than Welcome Bonuses

But welcome bonuses are not the only bonuses that you can expect from them. There will be other bonuses that a Loot.bet code may unlock.

For example, the brand is one of the major eSports betting brands in the country. It is likely that Loot.bet Ontario will have a similar brand positioning.

Therefore, you can expect the eSports bonuses that they currently offer internationally. The current eSports bonus promises a 100% deposit bonus for up to €100. Furthermore, once the 22x wagering requirement is met, punters receive €20 in free bets.

You can expect something similar in Canada as well. But it is probable that the amounts will be a bit higher.

You can also expect jackpots from Loot.bet Canada. Currently, European punters enjoy eye-popping cash prizes every week and every quarter if they reach the top of the ladder.

The way to reach the top is through spending the most on the platform. Weekly prizes can be as high as €1,600, while ultimate prizes can go up to €7,000.

Finally, one more bonus that is quite likely is a Loot.bet referral code bonus. You may already be familiar with the concept from other brands. This is basically a reward for bringing other people to the site.

As Loot.bet is likely to be aggressive in attracting new users, you can reasonably expect a good Loot.bet referral code. You will get a small bonus in the form of free bets every time someone signs up using your Loot.bet referral code.

Who Could the Loot.bet Ontario Bonus Be Relevant For?

Every Loot.bet bonus will be open to everyone. Sounds a bit exaggerated? Well, think about it. As a new sportsbook, almost everyone will be a new user. Thus, everyone will be eligible for the Loot.bet Canada welcome bonuses and all other bonuses.

But yes, you will need to be eligible to open an account at the sportsbook. This means that you will need to be an 18+ resident of Canada. Furthermore, if the site is only for Loot.bet Ontario punters, then you must prove Ontario residency.

Apart from that, there will be no real difference between new and old users. Unless, of course, you have an account with the international Loot.bet sportsbook.

In that case, you may fall into a bit of a grey area. It depends on whether the sites are completely separate or there remains some interoperability.

In that case, you may or may not be considered a new user for Loot.bet Ontario. That is something that is hard to anticipate at this point.

What Could the Loot.bet Code Claim Process Be Like?

The process to claim a Loot.bet code is likely to be same as everywhere else. There are a few common designated places where promo codes can be claimed. They include the registration form, the deposit form, and the betslip.

The Loot.bet Ontario promo code redemption process is likely to be the same. This view is backed by the process they require in their European site, for example. That is what we have discovered during our Loot.bet review.

The deposit bonuses at the European Loot.bet app require punters to use the relevant code during deposits. And, on the other hand, the free spins and the free bets Loot.bet bonuses are automatically applied. There is no need to use a Loot.bet code.

The Loot.bet referral code may also not require redemption. That is because the code will be used by the person you are referring. Hence, the bonus should ideally be automatically given to you when your reference signs up.

What Features Can You Expect From Loot.bet Canada?

Bonuses are not the only reasons why you should be interested in the Loot.bet app. There will most possibly be a number of exciting features that will make the site appealing for you. This section of our Loot.bet review tells you what those features are likely to look like.

Best eSports Betting Site

Whether you are already into eSports or not, this is one area that is experiencing unstoppable growth today. The sport has become professionalized, formalized, and organized in record time. This has not been seen with any other sport before.

That has led to an increase in its popularity and acceptance. But there is still a long way to go. The sport is still in its infancy and eSports focused sportsbooks are cropping up slowly but surely.

And Loot.bet app is proud to be one of the pioneers in this segment. Thus, when Loot.bet Ontario launches, this may become the top site for eSports betting.

Adequate Sports Betting Markets

Just because the Loot.bet app focuses so much on eSports does not mean that they will not accept bets for mainstream sports.

Though their sports betting choices are a bit limited, you will probably be able to find all the major Canadian sports. For example, the European site does not offer betting on ice hockey. But that will not fly with you, surely.

Thus, those changes need to be made before Loot.bet Canada launches. The site is also likely to offer football, basketball, baseball, and other major sports for betting. It already does so in Europe and other jurisdictions.

That makes the site more palatable to a wide range of punters as our Loot.bet review would suggest. So, you may send a Loot.bet referral code to friends and family who are not much into eSports but want to do sports betting.

loot.bet betting markets

Immersive Casino Games

In addition to Loot.bet sportsbook, you may get access to the Loot.bet casino. However, this may take some time because the Canadian laws to get a casino license is a bit more complicated.

The casino games library is not as extensive as a full-fledged online casino but carefully curated. It includes some of the best games in the world.

You will find games like Keno, Mini Roulette, and, of course, slots. The slots library includes games such as Solar Queen Megaways, Book of Anime, and Lucky Jack Lost Jungle among others.

Moreover, you can find table games such as baccarat, blackjack, poker, etc. on the site too.

Loot.bet Referral Code FAQ

You can find short and simple answers to the most common Loot.bet bonus code queries below:

❓ What is Loot.bet Code?

The Loot.bet code will give you access to all the exciting bonuses at the Loot.bet sports betting site once it launches in Ontario, Canada. You can expect deposit bonuses, free spins, free bets, and many other bonuses to be unlocked by Loot.bet codes.

❓ What is Loot.bet Referral Code?

The Loot.bet referral code will most likely unlock referral rewards for you. As a new sportsbook, the site would want early adopters to spread their message. If you do so, you will be able to claim bonuses using a Loot.bet referral code.

❓ When Will Loot.bet Ontario Launch?

There is no fixed timeline for the Loot.bet Ontario launch as of yet. However, there is considerable speculation that it is likely to happen very soon. We will obviously update this page when the launch is imminent. So, please keep checking back with us.

❓ What is Loot.bet Bonus?

A Loot.bet bonus is a promotional offer that you can expect from the Loot.bet casino and Loot.bet sportsbook. It can be a deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, free spins, free bets, cashback among other things.

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