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Betting on College Sports: Back to Basics

Needless to say, college sport is a great part of coming of age for many young men and women. It can open up doors, and give rise to a mass of opportunity for those who wish to continue onto professional sports. But college sports aren’t only for the players, it’s also for the bettors! Here’s a starter guide to betting on College sports.

Why Bet on College Sports?

The CIS includes almost all sports although four are significantly more popular. These are Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. If you’re already betting on the big professional leagues such as the NFL or NHL, you simply must expand your horizon and get into college betting. Not only is it fun to watch, it’s also fun to scout out new talents, keep up to date with what’s new.

First and foremost you should get acquainted with NCAA and CIS competitions. You need to learn more about how to bet for college sports, which teams to bet for, who the players are and how good or bad they are. Take some time to learn all of this before you get into betting. Trust us, it’s definitely not time wasted.

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Football Bets

There are a great deal of matches in college sports, so many more than any professional leagues. In football for instance, there are up to thirty games per week, most of them taking place during Saturdays. This means that you can bet at almost any time.

Keep in mind that competing college leagues are all at very different levels, and therefore sometimes the games are incredibly predictable. But there are ways to spice it up. A popular type of wager is called spread betting. This is when bettors can bet under or over the point spread expected at the end of the game, and in advance by the bookmakers. This is the main alternative to money line betting.

Types of Bets

In college hockey, spread betting is called puck line betting. The spread is always fixed at + / -1.5 points. The odds attached to the negative or positive puck line is then adjusted by the bookmakers. Another way to bet it betting 3 way lines. This is a similar bet to money line as it is based on outcome results, but it takes the possible overtime and shootout into consideration. This therefore gives you the possibility to bet on a tie, victory or defeat.

Another type of college sport bet is totals. This is a type of bet when bettors bet under or over the additional number of points scored by the two competing teams. This allows you to bet on offensive aspects and defensive aspects of the game, and not be limited to the betting on the outcome of the game.

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Stay Updated

Once you’ve gotten the hang of how to bet on college sports, you’re faced with the challenge of staying updated with the games, teams and players. College competitions have a much larger amount of teams and games than professional.

It is advised that you focus on one sport only, in order to familiarize yourself with the calendar and players. Remember that college competitions are not broadcasted everywhere, like league competitions. Take time to find sources that air the games where you’re located.

Choosing Bookmakers

Don’t forget about the bookmakers. When you’ve understood the game, teams, and calendar and how to bet on college sport, you choose a bookmaker. Betsson, Winner, and 10bet are recognized as the bookmakers with the bets sportsbooks for college sport betting.

Some Interesting Facts

To round off, here are some facts you might not know about college sports.

Canadian college sport is organized under the CIS, Canadian Interuniversity Sport. Although it is a less common phenomenon than in the US, it is no less interesting in Canada. There are 12 different sports.

Last year the hockey teams UNB Varsity Reds and Alberta Golden Bears dominated the scene.

In football Laval Rouge et Or have won most Vanier Cups, while the Western Ontario Mustangs have gone to the finals the most times.

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